Friday, September 14, 2007

A hate page about Willowtree might be about to go to the grave

A few years ago we shared rehearsal space together with a rock n roll band. It was collaboration that would prove rather unsuccessful.

To our great amusement, Roaring Silence (as they called themselves) actually had the courtesy to write a hate page about us on their homepage.

I have now recalled that the page is slowly vanishing from the web. So for preservation and for our international fans I have therefore translated their text into English.


Hate page written by Roaring Silence somewhere around 2000-2001:

There is one thing you should know…

Willowtree is a really crappy band, with a whole lot of crappy songs.

Prologue: Roaring Silence had the misfortune to share rehearsal space with one of the worst bands of Southern Stockholm.
For a whole year Roaring was trapped in a devastating grip. This was not particularly strong but very distressing.

This happened during the years 1999-2000 of which besides this was problem free years. This is hard facts, from the hard reality in ABF’s quarters located at Skogskyrkogården. How such an although nerdy a meaningless band as Willowtree ever could get hold of a rehearsal space, and even worse play together remains a angst full mystery. What Willowtree is doing today is unknown…


• Willowtree loves IKEA
• Willowtree buys rehearsal furniture’s from IKEA
• For example rugs
• Willowtree listens to TOOL
• TOOL listens to Willowtree
• TOOL is crappier than Willowtree
• Willowtree tries to sound like TOOL
• TOOL is a really crappy band
• Willowtree’s Bass amplifier continuously breaks down
• Because Willowtree’s bass player plays with a pick
• Because he is stupid
• Willowtree is using slippers in the rehearsal room
• Willowtree’s slippers is holy and cannot be used
• Willowtree is hiding their slippers from visitors
• Willowtree are vegans
• Willowtree never drink
• Willowtree is actually not smoking
• Willowtree has hung a deer head on the wall
• Willowtree is vegan
• Willowtree loves animals
• Willowtree are cute
• Willowtree admire Ingvar Kamprad
• Willowtree is Nazis
• Willowtree is playing white music
• Willowtree is wild and crazy
• Willowtree is partying hard
• Willowtree are virgins
• Willowtree has never wanted to
• Willowtree has never been invited
• Willowtree is NOT appealing
• Willowtree is sold to the lowest bidder
• No one places a bid
• Willowtree joins the other guys in TOOL
• TOOL are homosexuals
• Willowtree should have known that
• But it doesn’t matter
• Willowtree is feeling weird down there
• Willowtree feel free
• For the first time
• Willowtree lets loose
• With the queers in TOOL
• Willowtree and TOOL forms a new band
• TOOLTREE gets smacked
• By skinheads
• TOOLTREE get called but boys
• In the middle of an open street
• And it hurts so ass much
• It hurts
• TOOLTREE feel like losers
• TOOLTREE are losers
• This wasn’t what TOOLTREE had counted on
• TOOLTREE cannot count
• Homosexuals cannot count
• Homosexuals are using calculators
• Calculators are a fag tool
• Calculators are a tool of evil
• Calculators belong to the butt
• All fags and calculators are thrown down to hell
• This was not what TOOLTREE had counted on
• Fags as of we know cannot count
• 1,2,3,4,5
• TOOLTREE is thinking
• Their days is probably counted for
• TOOLTREE has calculated this themselves
• With the help of their butt
• It is warm there
• In hell
• TOOLTREE is sweating
• TOOLTREE curses

Sum up:

Everyone that listens to that fucking TOOLTREE is fucking fags who are trying to steal knowledge with their butt.

Here is their homepage: Willowtree

Link to the Swedish hate page about us:


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