Friday, September 14, 2007

has there been justice enough?

yesterday we went to the justice concert at the maria. olle and gustav already has seen them at 103 club earlier this year. olle said this was almost just as good. i think they were very good indeed. but, and there is a but here, they didn't play an encore.
this sucked since the crowd really wanted one. the people were singing the "we are your friends"-part over and over but still they wouldn't come out again. sucked, this meant that the set was concluded after just barely over an hour.
in comparison to when olle and gustav saw them dj for 2.5 hours at the 103 this was very short.

after this we headed home for some pre-partying before leaving for a bar and then later the macaroni club. on the way there i was supposed to buy a case of beer.
went fine, just as it went totally fine to take it on the package holder on the back of my bike. to my surprise though, might i ad.
it actually went good all the way home till i had to get in through the door down at the street. crash boom bang and 10 beer bottles was no more. well i guess they actually are, just not drinkable state.

i fear the smell of that place as i'll have to go there later.

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