Friday, April 27, 2007

“For every song you do you will get a free beer!”

Streets have no name
Leonardo / Gustav

Lets Dance

Gustav / Leonardo

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

“Don’t get caught in the Berlin trap”

I have heard it a couple of times now. The Berlin trap means that you can find a really nice party somewhere in Berlin any day in the week. Pretty much the same as you can in all the other main capitals. Avoiding the Berlin trap requires self-character, but it feels really nice to have the opportunity.

Our apartment is a couple of hundred stairs up (no elevator of course) and we started with an empty 96m2 flat. We have carried a few tons of equipment up here so far, haven’t seen our muscle strength approve yet though…

I have switched my name to Gustav, which has been on the shelves as my middle name for a couple of years. I’ve heard that there is a campaign on Internet to change my name to Joel again. But Gustav is here to stay for a while. Germans seem to understand the name Gustav better.

Famous Gustavs:

Gustav II Adolf

Gustav Gans

Finally: I have found a coffee with a quite nice taste. The manufacturer is free to send me a check for this commercial.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last night

Last night we finally met up with our friend Fabi Feuer, he came over to our place after Gustav made a perfect pasta dinner to me and John.

Gustav's perfect pasta

Fabi was staying at Gustav's place in Stockholm a while ago when doing some recording stuff with his old band 200 Sachen. That was kind of how we met. We went to a fantastic party with him at some Australian guy's place and then to Rio. I won't give you any more stories now because you already know to much...but I'll tell you more soon.

check out his fabi's music at:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Party Tonight

And for all of you that's in Stockholm right now. Don't forget the Pandaland release party tonight at Debaser Medis.

I can't wait to get my hands on this game were you run around the streets of söder in true "paperboy" spirit. YES!

My New Haircut

At last, now it's done. I'm a new man or should I say boy... well, here's the fantastic result. Thanks Ellen. We must do this again sometime.
Maybe I should get rid of the beard too... hmm

Ellen Scissorhands


Were back in the world of Internet!!!!!
So, to update you on what's happening today - in an hour I'm gonna get me a new haircut. :-)
Tonight I guess were going to Rio and tomorrow it's White Trash brunch.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving in Party!

So, last Saturday we had our already famous Moving in Party. Because we are new in town we decided to go out to some clubs and invite people that seemed cool. That idea was probably not so good ’cos the whole week ended with drunken debauchery as I guess the Americans would say.

In true German style we went with the free alcohol model for this party.
After inviting 14 swedes (Incl. the great Swedish band ”By Heart” and 9 Swedish girls that we found outside the ”magnet club”) a lot of Germans plus 8 liters of vodka, the party was well on it’s way.

In general Swedes can’t really handle alcohol and I guess that I’m one of them. We always tend to drink to much!?!

So after throwing out a burning speaker (well, that’s rock ’n roll at least), having our gas stove almost blowing up and a couple of windows crashed by our friendly neighbors...I felt that it was time.

After partying a week and not eating, I passed out (in true "Hey! I’m fourteen style", I must add) thanks to the vodka. The partying went on after that but I guess that Gustav Is the one to tell you more about that.

And by the way, thanks Benedikt for taking care of our apartment while we were out in the foggy world of alcohol.

Lizzy & Alex

Venus vs. Lizzy

Leonardo (By Heart)

Benjamin Tholl & Simon Liebe (By Heart)

The day after

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So let's get that damn Internet to work!

Finally, the guy from the Internet company came to our apartment today. We've been waiting for two weeks now. The only problem we have to solve now is that we are stupid swedes that have lost our login info fuck fuck fuck...

Well, so now we're back at the very nice bar across the street were we can surf and get drunk at the same time. yeah! Berlin is wonderful.

So all you people waiting for emails... wait some more. Soon we'll be back in the world of Internet.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The First Days in Berlin!

our house

the view from our door thing.

my room.

the kitchen

the hallway

gustav's room

john's room

eating at IKEA - stupid swedes!

trying out the studio

at the frankfurter alleé

I guess that all swedes get this one...

trying out the food at Kastanien alleé

on the boat to Poland