Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving in Party!

So, last Saturday we had our already famous Moving in Party. Because we are new in town we decided to go out to some clubs and invite people that seemed cool. That idea was probably not so good ’cos the whole week ended with drunken debauchery as I guess the Americans would say.

In true German style we went with the free alcohol model for this party.
After inviting 14 swedes (Incl. the great Swedish band ”By Heart” and 9 Swedish girls that we found outside the ”magnet club”) a lot of Germans plus 8 liters of vodka, the party was well on it’s way.

In general Swedes can’t really handle alcohol and I guess that I’m one of them. We always tend to drink to much!?!

So after throwing out a burning speaker (well, that’s rock ’n roll at least), having our gas stove almost blowing up and a couple of windows crashed by our friendly neighbors...I felt that it was time.

After partying a week and not eating, I passed out (in true "Hey! I’m fourteen style", I must add) thanks to the vodka. The partying went on after that but I guess that Gustav Is the one to tell you more about that.

And by the way, thanks Benedikt for taking care of our apartment while we were out in the foggy world of alcohol.

Lizzy & Alex

Venus vs. Lizzy

Leonardo (By Heart)

Benjamin Tholl & Simon Liebe (By Heart)

The day after


Anna said...

Fan, jag känner igen det där ansiktsuttrycket: Olle den alkoholiserade slackern. Påminner mig om tiden när vi precis träffades, haha... aaaww jag blir liksom lite nostalgisk och kär typ. Det är vackert.

lissypissy said...

i didnt know tht this girl trapped on me while i was sleeping..pretty erm unfriendly---xx lissy