Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Afroman - mp3

Written By Eggvatten, performed by Don Tomaso and Gustav Greve

Monday, May 7, 2007

Submitting to you

Submitting to you - mp3

Written and performed by Don Tomaso and Gustav Greve

Don Tomaso and I visited the Jewish museum

One day before we went to the Jewish museum, I let Don T walk around the streets disguised as the common man. He did the following observations:

3/5, Observation Berlin:

Jag suger på skumkronan medan damen i förklädet lutar sig over mig; den tunga bysten , mjukt skvalpandes. Weissbier!
Livet här har betydligt mer att erbjuda än skvalmusik och potatis, och även om Albert Speers dunkla byggnadskonst inte längre är tillgänglig så måste jag säga att estetiken är magnifik då den sköljer in over mig medan jag vandrar längs boulevarderna.
De tyska kvinnorna håller hårt på sina lutheranska ideal. De ser ut som polacker där de sitter iförda stentvättade jeans och ribbstickade koftor.
Jag tar trammen genom staden. Små stenar som pulvriseras under denna tyngd där människor färds over räls.
-Ich bin ein Berliner!
Staden med de många anonyma ansiktena. Nere under mark I u-bahns kompakta trängsel skriker någon åt mig. En snaggad man I trettioårsåldern pekar på mig med en ihoprullad tidning.
-pardon me, sorry, sorry…
Jag tanker på Sting som sjunger englishman I New York.
-Oh, oh, I am an alien…
Jag beställer mer öl, klockan är fem.
En ung kvinna med tvinnade dreadlocks kommer till mig med penne und gorgonzola und blaaaaaspenach.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Don Tomaso stole my camera this morning and went outside

"Berlin has made its way into the future; where the past, as we know it is no longer seen, but thought upon as of curiosa. I walked through Checkpoint Charlie, and the feeling that came to me was of the kind you get when you're not bored, not disappointed, but just not thrilled.
Of the past is nothing yet to come. But in the moment of the present now, we achieve await ness. From the future we gain the sovereign lust to breathe; to let the oxygen reach the bottom of our lungs. Inhaling what is yet to come."

-Don Tomaso


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fabi Fire about the difference between Stockholm and Berlin Girls

Fabi Fire comments the always so burning topic about Stockholm contra Berlin people. Do Swedish men lack of romantic stature? And do the citizens from Stockholm represent a decadent “sex & the city” lifestyle? Please help us to clear out the issue here in the blog.

John is trying a new outfit

John is seizing the opportunity to get a new exiting wardrobe here in Berlin. Stage clothes or just leisurewear?

Lovely Ulrike

Lovely Ulrike is going to show us her favourite second hand shops. We are late as usual.

Swedish visitors and "Efterfest"!

We met a really sweet Swedish couple out in the mess. Since we are Swedes then of course we agreed to have an “efterfest”. We DO understand the complete irrationality of having a “efterfest” here in Berlin. But we will probably have to continue with this strange behaviour for a while so that we dont get homesick.

Welcome Don Tomaso!

Don Tomaso has just arrived. He has brought a big map with hand written comments and notes about important places here. Don will be here for 10 days and are of course welcome to stay for a while here at casa de Willowtree.