Wednesday, April 25, 2007

“Don’t get caught in the Berlin trap”

I have heard it a couple of times now. The Berlin trap means that you can find a really nice party somewhere in Berlin any day in the week. Pretty much the same as you can in all the other main capitals. Avoiding the Berlin trap requires self-character, but it feels really nice to have the opportunity.

Our apartment is a couple of hundred stairs up (no elevator of course) and we started with an empty 96m2 flat. We have carried a few tons of equipment up here so far, haven’t seen our muscle strength approve yet though…

I have switched my name to Gustav, which has been on the shelves as my middle name for a couple of years. I’ve heard that there is a campaign on Internet to change my name to Joel again. But Gustav is here to stay for a while. Germans seem to understand the name Gustav better.

Famous Gustavs:

Gustav II Adolf

Gustav Gans

Finally: I have found a coffee with a quite nice taste. The manufacturer is free to send me a check for this commercial.



Anna said...

Surname betyder ju efternamn...

Anonymous said...


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