Sunday, July 15, 2007

band economics for dummies

i don't think of myself as a non-thinking individual, but sometimes i have to doubt my level of expertise. this is one of those days.
the day has been spent trying to figure out why the studio suddenly decided to go "out of order". after 7 re-installations of the music making tools we use + an additional 3 for the whole operating system, it was clear to me that this had to be sorted with a hardware upgrade.
the way i see it, i think problems generally have a tendency to solve themselves when cash is handed its way. with that in mind i happily pulled out the visa from my pocket for some serious troubleshooting. only problem was... account balance approx 5€.. which gives room for some thinking on how to proceed.

5 min later.

the deal’s closed. ebay, a trusty place on (cyber)-earth. all one has to do is to press the button. the “buy it now” one, easy as easy can be. other side of the (non-existing) coin is of course the actual lack of money. but that we can call tomorrow’s problem.

why live for the day when you can plan for tomorrow?!

disclaimer: don’t try this at home

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