Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2x unexpected attendance

saturday night we attended the by heart gig in mitte part of berlin. lots of people had showed up for the event and we all enjoyed the nice concert till it suddenly was interrupted by the politzei who was keen on shutting the electricity down. this since the loudness contract apparently only lasted till 22.00. there was a bit of rough words between the crowd and the officials. there was also a born-young-rebel-bruce-springsteen-guy running up on the stage 3 times making the whole thing even more amusing.
in the end by heart, to the delight and cheer of the crowd, got to play on more song.

afterwards we hung out behind the stage, standing and having lots of fun with some of the people we've gotten to know here.
one guy i definitely was not expecting to see was the basist kim from the band overlord. i recognized him in an instant and had to talk to him immediately. fun to meet after 6, or so, years.
the reason for his presence was by heart's, for the day, loss of basist. simon was back in sweden and thus kim was recruited for the job. which we did splendidly, might i ad.

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