Sunday, August 19, 2007

post-wedding thoughts.

just woke up out of a alcoholic sleep.

yesterday's event was really fun for me. it's was my first one which made it maybe even a tiny bit more special.
the weather was nice with only a very few rain drops falling for about 10 sec.

location was on årsta holmar, two small islands in the middle of two bridges in the south-centre of the city. the ceremony, which olle and i played a very minor part in, was nice too. our part consisted of playing something for 30 seconds as background music to a transition between something. that was basically the explanation given to us, so when it was presented to the crowd that olle and i, representing the band, was welcomed on stage to play the new piece of music written for the couple we (understandably) started to sweat a little.
but, everything was totally fine.
later in the eve we, upon request, performed a few two (or was it three?, actually i had a bit too much to drink to remember) songs to the screaming crowd. fun fun.

food and drinks was good. all in all this was a delightful first wedding experience.

best wishes to the couple.

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