Sunday, August 12, 2007

pt. 1 of sziget rehearsals done

today and yesterday has been devoted to rehearsing with daniel at noisy rooms here in berlin.
it's been fun, real fun. lot's of future memories created.

now we're back home at or apartment preparing for the trip down to budapest. taxi due in less than 4 hours so no sleep is likely to be the only option this night.

the reason for the title of this blog entry is that we're now done with our rehearsals. that is, the berlin "crew" part of them. now i need to cut up the recording, of how willowtree sounds with daniel managing the sticks, for sending them over to sthlm where johan is eager to hear what we sound like.
it's a very different but still thrilling way of preparing for gigs.

now time to get things under way.
see you in the other side of sziget.

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