Thursday, August 9, 2007

hectic weekend ahead

as i just wrote we working on some demos right now.
we’re in quite a hurry though, daniel is arriving on friday and from the moment he lands till when we leave for budapest 06.00 monday morning we will be fully taken up by easily the toughest (and funniest) times of our history. the reason for this is the sziget festival where we got a slot tuesday night.

it’s a festival gig meaning we have to play longer that usual. daniel (drummer of film on four) will fill in for adde at the gig. daniel has played with us once before, in osnabrück, about a year ago. that went well. but then we didn’t have to play for as long as now. hence, a hectic weekend for the gang of us.

shit.. it just came to me that i haven’t booked the rehearsal room we usually use here in berlin. it’s called noisy, as it pretty much is.

later. gotta get that booked immediately.

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