Wednesday, August 22, 2007

germany, oh sweet germany. pt. 1

sitting outside berlin’s schönefeld airport. just arrived with my flight from stockholm.
it suddenly strikes me very strong that i’m back in germany the following events took place.

i was waiting in vain for my luggage, which basically contains of my guitar in its case.
after all others luggage had arrived on the track-thingy i tried to look if they were still gonna load any more on. peeked through the opening only to see that there was no more loading going on.
just as i was about to pull my head back out i spot my guitar case laying off the track. apparently gotten stuck and fallen off.
i try to reach for it but just as i’m about to get a good grip the door closes on me. the door for the luggage track opening that is. since the door scares me a bit i pull myself out.. who knows if that thing has any sensors for stopping upon contact?.. i pull my head out just in time... think of the ending of that show set at the fort bayard on the french riviera.
the door was now shut. i laugh about it with some german guys and then goes to ask the closest airport personnel in sight. the customs lady that very harshly briefs me that she can't allow anyone to open the door for me to get the guitar, but that i instead have to walk to another hall to the lost and found luggage disk.
crap i though... leaving the arrivals area. tried to talk 2 other employees of the airport to see if it could be fixed a simpler way... but NOOOO .. it couldn't
upon arrival at the lost and found they first told me that i had to wait for a while. i said that my case could very easily get sorted if i just got help immediately.
help came on its way. i explained the situation and the guy made a phone call.. told me i have to wait for another 30 min while they are gonna try and find my “missing” luggage that i gave an exact address to.
now in this very moment i’m sitting outside writing this to calm down a bit.. my gosh.. it actually works very well.. now the half n hour is gone and i should go there again.

to be continued...

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