Monday, July 16, 2007

why timerlake will never be a musical partner

the birthday party of a friend is already over. everybody left about 30 minutes ago.

the fact that the party is over is of course sad… but.. not to forget.. the good in the bad this night, is that the room housing the piano, now is available.
thus, i sit here humming along to the melodies of the eve.

soon it's time for the hard part though. hard part being to remember that last night's (tonight’s) glorious creation was. what actually has been created. will i remember the song or not?

there are different solutions on how to go about with the addressed problem. justin timberlake is an outspoken fan of the „standing the test of time"-technique. The STT-technique is about letting go of the fear of forgetting.
their claim: what is good will be remembered.

i think timberlake and his fellow believers beliefs are not for me.
they say:
"no good songs get lost, period."
but, I must wonder how can one really know that for sure?
instead maybe we should look at it from another perspective, actually the right across opposite one.

how many bad songs are, well, just plain bad, but yet remembered till the next day? even though they might face and cause next day’s laughter, i still think that this is an important clue to a greater insight into this highly important issue.

only if a person writes music and it always, and i mean always, turns out to be that masterpiece of music composition. even as the person listens with fresh ears post-awakening in the morning. then, but only then, you could say with some kind of certainty that mr. timberlake has a point.

The creator is then a genius and I must rest my case. I agree to that extent.
It's just that in my own case I don't feel that way. I feel that the band’s speakers and mind’s has had it’s fair share of there is crap and that in itself is my proof.

Thus the post-conclusion must be that:
I need to be paranoid about forgetting.

Anyways… since this took me this damn long to write, the party that left earlier actually somehow made it back to the flat again. Funny, well well. enough musical small talk for now. gotta go see if they brought some newcomers.alk for now. gotta go see if they brought some newcomers.

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