Monday, July 23, 2007

post-party berlin life

after last night's party night. i got up at 16.00 in the afternoon. after the arising some of us felt like breakfast and started to prepare accordingly. took a while to get out of the door but at 17.00 we had taken ourselves across the street. at the place we immediately scanned the menu for breakfast. now to the interesting part. when the waiter kindly let us know that breakfast was no more (only till 17.00) we were a bit mad about that they could treat us that way. i mean, of course we are the the customers and thus always right.
well well, we ended up with some good food and could instead sit and reflect on whether we are just spoiled berliners that demand breakfast possibilities the whole day or if we're just... well, spoiled berliners demanding optional breakfast into oblivion.

same same

maybe the spoiled needs a trip back to stockholm to remember normal breakfast hours.

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