Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alex out, Ville in.

Alex got his apartment on Friday evening. He will furthermore not need to stay in my room. We will all miss the nightly visits of Alex with a six pack cold Jever under his arm.

Instead we have a guest from Helsinki here in the apartment. Ville brought two wonderful gifts. The latest CD of Tilateos and a bottle of Jaloviina.

Tilateos is a remarkable band, one CD costs 211,01 EUR. And the album cover consists of an old six pack of the beer that they consumed while making the album.

Jaloviina is Finnish national liquor and consists of a mix of cognac and vodka. Despite all odds it actually tastes real nice. According to Ville, the only thing you should mix it with is tonic water. Same proportions like a gin and tonic. If you do that you will get a cocktail called “Rokkitähden kuolema”

Jalo and Tilateos


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