Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Vacation!

After 10 years of Willowtree we felt like taking a small break. Currently we're writing songs and working with electronic project "The Vial". Check it out here:

We're of course also writing new material for Willowtree so check back after the summer for new songs... And let us know if one of your favorite songs is not on any of our albums, maybe you've just heard us play it live? You might get lucky.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Willowtree is playing in Berlin on Thursday (21/2)

Once again we will pack our bags and head for the city of cities. This time we will play at Rosi´s in Friedrichshain, a club we know quite well since we used to live a few blocks away. We will play together with the great guys in Tykho Moon and DJ team Whatever! Is taking care of the rotating platforms.

Door opens at 21:00. The bands start playing at 22:00.

Cost: 5EUR


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, December 10, 2007

Willowtree at Cafe Zapata!

During the year 2007 Willowtree has been in Berlin to produce material for a new album together with a new concept and a new sound. The result of these efforts will be presented for the first time at Café Zapata in Berlin on the 13th of December.

Willow Tree is supported by the Swedish band Nancy´s Dead.

Date: 13.12.2007 (Do.)
Location: Café Zapata
Adress: Oranienburger Str. 54 // 10117 Berlin
Open Doors: 8 p.m.
Entrance: 8 EUR (reduced 6 EUR)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moomin Vs Willowtree

I hope that some of you guys did get the chance to see our Moomin video for the song “The Others”. The story was build upon the wonderful story “Moominpappa at sea” where the father in the family decides that he wants to live in piece and quiet at the lighthouse outside moominwalley.

Well, all good things has to come to an end. Oy Moomin characters Ltd has contacted us and threatened with a law suit if we continue viewing it. And since we cannot afford a law suit we will have to remove the video.

Eye for an eye

As a revenge towards Moomin Ltd I wrote them a message and told them that they will never ever be entitled to use our songs in any future movies. I still haven't got any reply, but Im sure that the board of directors are sitting in a crisis meeting as you are reading this.

Friday, September 21, 2007

dragon fire at popkomm

hectic times are almost over for this year again.
well, only the popkomm related ones.

although we didn't play this year we still attended the offical sweden party something at café zapata last night. the the sunshine and the soundtrack of our lives performed among others.
the zapata had a guestlist for 300 people although it only fits about the half, so even though on the guest list we had to arrive pretty early to not be denied entry if overcrowded.
as the evening progressed the zapata became really crazy full, which in itself led to a rather remarkable heating increase.
the zapata though, likes it hot. the unquestionable proof of that lays in the fact that they have a dragon which blows fire a meter above one's head.

but but... all i can say about the eve is basicallly that the sunshine was very good and that TSOOL was just like always.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

A hate page about Willowtree might be about to go to the grave

A few years ago we shared rehearsal space together with a rock n roll band. It was collaboration that would prove rather unsuccessful.

To our great amusement, Roaring Silence (as they called themselves) actually had the courtesy to write a hate page about us on their homepage.

I have now recalled that the page is slowly vanishing from the web. So for preservation and for our international fans I have therefore translated their text into English.


Hate page written by Roaring Silence somewhere around 2000-2001:

There is one thing you should know…

Willowtree is a really crappy band, with a whole lot of crappy songs.

Prologue: Roaring Silence had the misfortune to share rehearsal space with one of the worst bands of Southern Stockholm.
For a whole year Roaring was trapped in a devastating grip. This was not particularly strong but very distressing.

This happened during the years 1999-2000 of which besides this was problem free years. This is hard facts, from the hard reality in ABF’s quarters located at Skogskyrkogården. How such an although nerdy a meaningless band as Willowtree ever could get hold of a rehearsal space, and even worse play together remains a angst full mystery. What Willowtree is doing today is unknown…


• Willowtree loves IKEA
• Willowtree buys rehearsal furniture’s from IKEA
• For example rugs
• Willowtree listens to TOOL
• TOOL listens to Willowtree
• TOOL is crappier than Willowtree
• Willowtree tries to sound like TOOL
• TOOL is a really crappy band
• Willowtree’s Bass amplifier continuously breaks down
• Because Willowtree’s bass player plays with a pick
• Because he is stupid
• Willowtree is using slippers in the rehearsal room
• Willowtree’s slippers is holy and cannot be used
• Willowtree is hiding their slippers from visitors
• Willowtree are vegans
• Willowtree never drink
• Willowtree is actually not smoking
• Willowtree has hung a deer head on the wall
• Willowtree is vegan
• Willowtree loves animals
• Willowtree are cute
• Willowtree admire Ingvar Kamprad
• Willowtree is Nazis
• Willowtree is playing white music
• Willowtree is wild and crazy
• Willowtree is partying hard
• Willowtree are virgins
• Willowtree has never wanted to
• Willowtree has never been invited
• Willowtree is NOT appealing
• Willowtree is sold to the lowest bidder
• No one places a bid
• Willowtree joins the other guys in TOOL
• TOOL are homosexuals
• Willowtree should have known that
• But it doesn’t matter
• Willowtree is feeling weird down there
• Willowtree feel free
• For the first time
• Willowtree lets loose
• With the queers in TOOL
• Willowtree and TOOL forms a new band
• TOOLTREE gets smacked
• By skinheads
• TOOLTREE get called but boys
• In the middle of an open street
• And it hurts so ass much
• It hurts
• TOOLTREE feel like losers
• TOOLTREE are losers
• This wasn’t what TOOLTREE had counted on
• TOOLTREE cannot count
• Homosexuals cannot count
• Homosexuals are using calculators
• Calculators are a fag tool
• Calculators are a tool of evil
• Calculators belong to the butt
• All fags and calculators are thrown down to hell
• This was not what TOOLTREE had counted on
• Fags as of we know cannot count
• 1,2,3,4,5
• TOOLTREE is thinking
• Their days is probably counted for
• TOOLTREE has calculated this themselves
• With the help of their butt
• It is warm there
• In hell
• TOOLTREE is sweating
• TOOLTREE curses

Sum up:

Everyone that listens to that fucking TOOLTREE is fucking fags who are trying to steal knowledge with their butt.

Here is their homepage: Willowtree

Link to the Swedish hate page about us:

has there been justice enough?

yesterday we went to the justice concert at the maria. olle and gustav already has seen them at 103 club earlier this year. olle said this was almost just as good. i think they were very good indeed. but, and there is a but here, they didn't play an encore.
this sucked since the crowd really wanted one. the people were singing the "we are your friends"-part over and over but still they wouldn't come out again. sucked, this meant that the set was concluded after just barely over an hour.
in comparison to when olle and gustav saw them dj for 2.5 hours at the 103 this was very short.

after this we headed home for some pre-partying before leaving for a bar and then later the macaroni club. on the way there i was supposed to buy a case of beer.
went fine, just as it went totally fine to take it on the package holder on the back of my bike. to my surprise though, might i ad.
it actually went good all the way home till i had to get in through the door down at the street. crash boom bang and 10 beer bottles was no more. well i guess they actually are, just not drinkable state.

i fear the smell of that place as i'll have to go there later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

janis departure

depression has struck, the cause.. janis has left the country.
we all had fun together.
but she was nice, left a cd with a radio show she hosted for us to listen and remember her to.

2x unexpected attendance

saturday night we attended the by heart gig in mitte part of berlin. lots of people had showed up for the event and we all enjoyed the nice concert till it suddenly was interrupted by the politzei who was keen on shutting the electricity down. this since the loudness contract apparently only lasted till 22.00. there was a bit of rough words between the crowd and the officials. there was also a born-young-rebel-bruce-springsteen-guy running up on the stage 3 times making the whole thing even more amusing.
in the end by heart, to the delight and cheer of the crowd, got to play on more song.

afterwards we hung out behind the stage, standing and having lots of fun with some of the people we've gotten to know here.
one guy i definitely was not expecting to see was the basist kim from the band overlord. i recognized him in an instant and had to talk to him immediately. fun to meet after 6, or so, years.
the reason for his presence was by heart's, for the day, loss of basist. simon was back in sweden and thus kim was recruited for the job. which we did splendidly, might i ad.